How to request a patch

Patch History

The current shoulder patch was designed and put into service in 1997 by a committee of Rockton Police Officers.  The former patch had a Wagon Wheel as the center point in recognition of the famous resort located in the Village.  A series of fires decimated the property and it was razed.  Officers felt that a new patch more in line with the history of the Village was in order.  


The patch contains 12 colors of thread.  The center of the patch is  ascend from the 1800's when Stephen Mack established his trading post along the banks of the Rock River.  He is pictured with his bride, Princess Hononegah, a local Native American.  The trading post still stands and the area around the trading post is currently undergoing archeological excavation.  It will be rebuilt to approximate the entire Village as it was inn the 1800's.  "1835" indicates the year the Village was incorporated.  


The patches are manufactured by Pettibone, Inc. of Hebron, IL.  The department uses about 500 patches every two years.  The patch you receive was removed from uniform items that are no longer serviceable and was actually worn by a member of the department.  


Request Process

The Rockton Police Department shoulder patch is provided at no cost to collectors. 

If you are interested in obtaining one of our shoulder patches, please submit a self-addressed/stamped envelope to:  


Rockton PD - Patch Request

110 East Main Street

Rockton, IL