Experience Matters!

Our Lateral Entry Testing Process

Current Testing Status:

Application Deadline:
6-30-22 @ 4pm


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The Village of Rockton, Illinois Board of Police and Fire Commissioners is accepting applications for the position of police officer with the Rockton Police Department. 

Starting Lateral Entry Salary: $60,834 - $72,430 (2-5 years) 

Sworn Police Officers: 16

Population: 7,800

All applicants must meet the following minimum requirements established by the Village of Rockton, Illinois Board of Police and Fire Commissioners:

  • U.S. citizenship;

  • No felony convictions (Note: a misdemeanor or serious traffic offense may also disqualify applicants from further consideration);

  • Possess a valid state-issued driver's license;

  • Minimum of 21 years of age;

  • Be a high school graduate or possess a G.E.D. equivalent;

  • Must have a minimum of two years of continuous employment as a full-time Illinois law enforcement officer with their current employer and in good standing;

  • Must successfully complete an oral interview and background investigation.;

  • Must successfully complete a psychological evaluation, M-Pulse assessment and medical screening (including drug and alcohol screening).



It is your responsibility to provide the following documents to the department.  Documents can submitted within online application, by email (PDF Copy) to info@rocktonpolice.org or mailed/hand delivered to Rockton Police Department, C/O Lateral Application, 110 East Main Street, Rockton, IL 61072

1.  High School Diploma or GED Certificate (copy)

2.  Certified Birth Certificate (copy)

3.  College or University degree (copy)  

4.  Military Service Record (DD-214) (copy)

5.  Drivers License (copy of both sides)

6.  Citizenship and or Naturalization Papers (if applicable)

7.  Social Security Card (copy of original)

8.  Basic Law Enforcement Training Certificate (copy)


Fill out this application completely and accurately.  All statements in our application are subject to verification. 


False statements in this application or failure to provide the requested documents will bar you from further consideration in the application process. 

Qualified applicants will be contacted for advancement in the selection process.

The Village of Rockton, IL is an Equal Opportunity Employer.