How it works

Beat System

The Rockton Police Department has assigned officers to specific neighborhoods to deal with crime, community issues and neighborhood watch. Officers will be responsible for problem solving and quality of life issues in their assigned area. Officers will continue answering calls and patrolling throughout the entire village during their work shift. The assignments are intended to give residents a contact person for ongoing problems or concerns. It adds continuity so that the same officer is familiar with a complaint or ongoing problem and is given responsibility for resolving the issue . 

The Village is divided into nine areas or “beats”. Two officers are assigned to be responsible for each “beat”. Officers will respond to calls wherever needed, but problems that require follow-up will be referred to the officer assigned to that beat.  

As an example, if your neighbor has a dog that barks constantly, and the police have been called several times, a number of different officers may have responded to the calls. Under this plan, the officer assigned to that beat will get the follow-up referral and schedule a time to meet with the parties involved to work out a solution. The solution may be a simple agreement or could end with an arrest. 

Our research indicates that most of what residents are concerned about are not criminal, but quality of life issues. Things like speeding cars, loose dogs, and noise. These are the things residents want the police to spend more time on. Officers are given the authority to contact the proper agencies or authorities to resolve the issue or problem. The goal is to resolve the problem for good if possible. This does not mean that officers initially called will not handle problems if not in their beat. Every effort will be made to resolve the issue when called. Only the ongoing problems that require extra time will be assigned to the proper beat officer. 

Officers will also solicit block captains or hosts for Neighborhood Watch meetings. With close to 2,000 households in Rockton, the residents are the eyes and ears of the police. Officers will encourage neighborhood watch groups, provide training and support, and attend meetings. If you are interested in hosting a Neighborhood Watch meeting in your neighborhood, please call the police department at 624-8881 or contact your BEAT officer directly. 

The officers will also encourage their beat to participate in National Night Out, the first Tuesday in August. For more information on National Night Out, call the police department at 624-8881 or go to the NNO portion of our website.  

In an emergency DIAL 911.


For non-emergency requiring police response dial 624-4351, press “1” then “2” when the auto attendant answers. This is the number to call when reporting crimes that are not in progress.


For general questions Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm dial 624-8881. This number is NOT for reporting crimes or emergencies.