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The Rockton Police Pension Fund Board is comprised of five members; two members are appointed by the Village President, two members are elected by the active police officers, and one member is a retired police officer elected by the retirees.

The Police Pension Fund Board manages the Police Pension Fund as prescribed under the Statutes of the State of Illinois. The Pension Board invests pension fund monies paid into the Rockton Police Pension Fund by the Village, as employer and the individual officers. The Board determines the temporary and permanent disability pensions, while regular pensions for eligible participants are set by state statute.



Sgt. Ron Dippel - President

Mr. Bruce Lans - Vice President

Ofc. Robert Wiest - Secretary

Mr. Jim Graber - Assistant Secretary

Ofc. Robert Wiest - FOIA/OMA Officer



Village Treasurer Jaye Quimby


Pension Board Attorney

Reimer & Karlson, LLC


Investment Advisor

Sawyer & Falduto Asset Management, LLC



Lauterbach & Amen, LLP



Illinois Public Pension Fund Association



Pension Board Rules & Regulations - 4/13

Pension Board - Investment Policy

Pension Board - Travel Reimbursement Policy

Pension Board - Trustee Code of Ethics Policy Statement

Illinois Pension Code - Entire Act

Illinois Pension Code - Police Pension Statute

IIlinois Pension Code - General Investment Provisions

Pension Board - Tax Levy Request - 10/2012

Pension Board - Municipal Compliance Report - 10/2012


Minutes 11/03/2010
Minutes 12/01/2010
Minutes 01/26/2011
Agenda 04/27/2011
Minutes 04/27/2011
Agenda 06/22/2011 Special Meeting
Minutes 06/22/2011
Agenda 07/18/2011 Special Meeting
Minutes 07/18/2011
Agenda 08/29/2011 Special Meeting
Minutes 08/29/2011
Agenda 10/19/2011

Minutes 10/19/2011

Agenda  01/18/2012

Minutes 01/18/2012

Agenda 05/09/2012

Minutes 05/09/2012

Agenda  07/18/2012

Minutes  07/18/2012

Agenda  08/30/2012  Special Meeting

Minutes  08/30/2012

Agenda  10/24/2012

Minutes  10/24/2012

Agenda  10/30/2012  Special Meeting

Minutes  10/30/2012

Agenda  12/20/2012  Special Meeting

Minutes  12/20/2012

Agenda  1/23/2013

Minutes  1/23/2013

Agenda  4/24/2013

Minutes  4/24/2013

Agenda  7/31/2013


Agenda  10/16/2012


Agenda  1/22/2014






































Providing Benefits to Participants & Their Beneficiaries


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