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Point of Contact:

Officer Penny Cure (CPST)

Phone: (815) 624-6890


Child Safety Seat Program Inception
Nationally, child restraint misuse has been reported to be in excess of 90%. This is primarily due to the numerous amount of child restraint manufacturer's and the performance based standards that mandate them. They are required to meet performance standards and are allowed to design their product in any way to meet those standards. Child restraint manufacturers make a wide variety of designs that create incompatibility issues with different vehicles. As well, automobile manufacturers have a wide range of vehicle safety restraint systems that can also add to the incompatibility problem.

Typically, law enforcement seeks change through enforcement of applicable laws. The Rockton Police Department wanted to address this problem in a more positive and educational manner and have certified Officers as Child Passenger Safety Technicians. The certification is obtained by attending a 32-hour course established by the National Child Passenger Safety Board.

The Program
Please call the Rockton Police Department's non-emergency number at (815) 624-4351 to schedule an appointment. A "check-up" normally takes one half-hour and parents and caregivers are asked to bring their owners manuals for both their vehicle and child restraint seat to the "check-up". Although not mandatory, parents and caregivers are also asked to bring the child using the seat to the "check-up" to ensure proper fit. Child restraints can also be installed for expectant families and newly purchased seats.

Once a year the Rockton Police Department will also host Child Safety Seat Check-Up at the Bike Rodeo & Safety Fair with the Rockton Fire Protection District. This event is advertised in local papers and no appointments are required for that day. The event is designed to educate the public and provide a community service. Several technicians from the Police and Fire Departments will be on hand and will check your child restraint to make sure:

bulletYour seat is installed correctly
bulletYour seat has not been recalled
bulletYour seat meets safety standards
bulletYour seat is correct for your child

Related Links & Legal Reference

Website for the Illinois Secretary of State.  It is a direct link to the Child Safety Seat portion that provides a quick refrence to Illinois legal questions and requirements.
Website for the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration. It includes safety seat recall lists, a recommended proper safety seat use chart and updated child passenger safety information.
Website for the National Safe Kids Campaign. This organization is dedicated to the prevention of unintentional childhood injury and includes safety tips related to helmet use, pedestrian safety, fire/water safety and school/playground safety.
Website addresses vehicle related non-traffic incidents that lead to injury and death when children are left unattended in or around a vehicle.
Website for the Consumer Product Safety Commission and is geared to prevent unreasonable risks of injuries to children associated with consumer products. Current recall lists are also available.
Website contains basic information about transporting children who have certain medical conditions or procedures.
Website will help locate a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician nearest to you.

"Providing a Safe Community"